Kristina Hermann’s first book in English:

RAISED IN A BOTTLE – Free yourself from a childhood with alcoholism

If you grew up in a household tainted by alcoholism, life can feel—and can be—much more difficult than it needs to be. Maybe you spend your days in a cloud of stress that never seems to dissipate, no matter what you do. Maybe you never achieve a feeling of real traction in your life.

You may not be aware that certain personal problems often go hand-in-hand with an upbringing in an alcoholic home. Kristina Hermann’s latest  book is called Raised in a Bottle – Free yourself from a childhood with alcoholism. It offers a powerful new approach to grappling with the effects of exposure to alcoholism within your family.  

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Claim your life as an adult, and enter into caring, loving connection with yourself and others.

If you are the child of someone with a drinking problem, chances are your upbringing left you unprepared to meet the demands of adulthood. Regardless of a family’s economic or educational level, alcoholism disrupts and distorts a family’s fundamental structure and the health of its members. 

You could compare it to living in a poorly built house, one whose foundation didn’t have a chance to set before the walls went up. A house like that does not provide the security that other houses do; it offers neither shelter nor safety from intruders.

Growing up in an alcoholic family forced you into roles that compromised your identity and prevented you from growing into your own authentic self.

Rather than being nurtured in discovering and developing your own unique abilities, perhaps you had to take on responsibilities that in healthy families belong to parents. Maybe you adopted your parents’ unhealthy and ineffective problem-solving patterns, leaving you inclined to try to avoid life’s challenges rather than stepping up to face them with competence and confidence.

Raised in a Bottle will help repair the damage that the alcohol abuse inflicted and support you in claiming a full and rewarding life, rich in relationships and intimacy, growth and resilience, joy and discovery.