My name is Kristina Hermann and I am a licensed clinical psychotherapist based in Copenhagen and I am the author of several self-help books, including the book You are not Alone. An upbringing shaped by Alcohol problems as well as the bestselling book on Amazon Raised in a Bottle. Free Yourself from a Childhood with Alcoholism.

Since the year 2000, I have been working with relatives to alcohol addicts. I am particularly concerned with helping children, young people and adults free from the consequences of having to navigate in a home with drunkenness, insecurity and failure.

What you have learned about life in a family with alcohol abuse is useless in your life as an adult. Most adult children struggle daily with sadness, worries, anxiety about not being good enough, loneliness, emptiness, not knowing who you are, not being able to say no etc.

If you recognize yourself in that description, I can help you.

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I offer online lectures, affirmations and meditations. Explore the site, read my blog posts and sign up for my newsletter below and get much more information on how you can repair the damage from abuse and become free, strong and happy.


I am the author of a self-help book for adult children of alcoholics, Du er ikke alene: en opvækst med alkoholproblemer (“You are not alone: An upbringing shaped by alcohol problems”), and the coauthor, with Troels Hermann, of Du kan flyve: Lær at håndtere din flyskræk (“You can fly: Learn how to handle your fear of flying”).  

My new book, Raised in a Bottle: A Workbook for Adult Children of Alcoholics, is now available for purchase as e-book or paperback: The book focuses on supporting individuals in claiming their lives as adults and stepping into caring, loving connection with themselves and others.