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Maybe you have spent your life living in a kind of trance state, without being completely present as yourself. 

Maybe you use things and choose to direct your focus in ways that reinforce a disconnection from yourself.

Wake up now, and claim your life. Become aware of what YOU want and what matters to YOU.

You only have this life and you are now an adult and can take action and responsibility so that your life and your functioning in relationships become what you truly desire them to be.

Let me show you how.

–  Kristina Hermann

Welcome to the website of licensed clinical psychotherapist Kristina Hermann

My name is Kristina Hermann and I am a licensed clinical psychotherapist based in Copenhagen and I am the author of several self-help books, including the book You are not Alone. An upbringing shaped by Alcohol problems as well as the bestselling book on Amazon Raised in a Bottle. Free Yourself from a Childhood with Alcoholism. Since the year 2000, I have been working with relatives to alcohol addicts. I am particularly concerned with helping children, young people and adults free from the consequences of having to navigate in a home with drunkenness, insecurity and failure. What you have learned about life in a family with alcohol abuse is useless in your life as an adult. Most adult children struggle daily with sadness, worries, anxiety about not being good enough, loneliness, emptiness, not knowing who you are, not being able to say no etc. If you recognize yourself in that description, I can help you.

If you grew up in a family with alcohol abuse, I can help you rebuild and regain new skills

In an alcoholic household, nothing works the way it should. Your happiness and self-esteem were never as important to your alcoholic parent as the alcohol was. You grew up having your needs ignored. When you needed certainty, you got unpredictability. 

When you needed safety, you got fear. When you needed calm, you got drama. When you needed encouragement, you got neglect. Rather than getting to explore who you were and what you wanted to be, you may have been forced into an inauthentic role aimed at propping up your parent’s addiction.

I offer online lectures, guided affirmations and guided meditations. Explore the site. You can read my blog posts, sign up for my newsletter and get much more information on how to repair the damage from abuse and become free, strong and happy.

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I offer online lectures, guided affirmations and guided meditations. Explore the site. You can read my blog posts, sign up for my newsletter and get much more information on how to repair the damage from abuse and become free, strong and happy.

Raised in a Bottle is a self-help book

Growing up in a family with alcohol abuse can leave you significantly scarred as an adult. The addiction robbed you of a caring, nurturing, secure and playful childhood, forcing you to become an adult too early. A lack of attention and compassion shifted your ability to grow into a whole person. As an adult, you might experience personal and professional problems related to feelings of abandonment or loneliness, relationship problems, low self-esteem, unhealthy coping strategies and lack of clear boundaries. If you have felt traumatised, anxious and depressed throughout your life, this is the book for you.

Raised in a bottle : Free yourself from a childhood with alcoholism will help you rebuild and regain your self-esteem.

Through in-depth chapters and exercises you will: 

1. Understand how families are shaped by alcohol addiction

2. Gain insight into how trauma effects you body and your mind

3. Learn how to build your self-esteem and become aware of your own feelings

4. How to identify unhealthy patterns and relationships and break free of them

5. Reshape your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your future

This book offers extensive insight into the dynamics and consequences of growing up with addiction. It offers the help and compassion that addiction stole from you when you were a child. In short, Raised in a Bottle offers new hope for reclaiming you own life.


Free yourself from a childhood with alcoholism…

About the book

Claim and Shape Your Future

1. The problems afflicting your family were never your fault, and remedying them was never your responsibility.

2. Your family situation blocked you from claiming rights and choices that were rightfully yours. Nothing and nobody can do that anymore. Insist on your right to be happy, confident, strong, and effective.

3. The ground rules you grew up with are not a basis for healthy relationships. Learn new rules: You can learn to say no and say yes. You can learn to set boundaries, to tell the truth and expect truth from others. You can learn to feel alive without being tangled up in drama. You have the right to love and be loved.

4. You have the power to supply important things that your family situation deprived you of. Become your own loving parent, and your best friend.

5. You have a right to believe in a better future, and believing it will bring it. Identify your values and goals, and let them transport you there.


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